Frequently Asked Questions - TDR
Is TDR available direct from NewWeigh as well as from pharmacies?

Yes. TDR is available by visiting a NewWeigh trained pharmacy locally which will supply your diet foods, weigh you and look after your progress. If you prefer to be supplied directly as you do not have a NewWeigh trained pharmacy near you, please contact us directly on 02866480016 or complete the medical questionnaire click here. NewWeigh will explain the process for gathering your weigh in and explaining the diet.

Are there age limits for use of TDR?

We do not allow anyone under 18 years of age or over 70 years of age to use TDR.

What does ketosis mean on TDR?

Ketosis is a normal metabolic process which occurs when calories and carbohydrate are restricted. The body burns fat to produce ketones for fuel. Ketones have the added benefit of reducing hunger.

Do males and females take 3 sachets per day?

Both males and females take three sachets per day as TDR products are unisex and nutrient complete for both males and females.

I have Type 2 diabetes, can I use TDR?

If you are diet controlled you should be able to use TDR, on approval from the pharmacist after completion of the medical questionnaire. If you are taking medication for Type 2 diabetes (tablets or injections), you will need to complete the medical questionnaire and then be approved by the pharmacist and your G.P. The pharmacist will discuss suitability with your G.P. Very Low Calorie Diets will improve glycaemic control and have the ability to put Type 2 diabetes into remission. You will need cooperation between your G.P. and NewWeigh trained pharmacist.

Will I put the weight back on after TDR?

Dieting in many ways is the easy part. Maintaining your new lower weight requires your commitment and determination. As you are now a lower weight, you will need to eat less than you did before or the weight will return. Your pharmacy will provide free confidential weigh-ins and the NewWeigh Meal Replacement Plan book has lots of good advice on weight maintenance and healthy eating. Just ask for a copy in the pharmacy.

.Can I eat anything else while on TDR?

Total Diet Replacement (TDR) means replacing all your food intake with nutrient complete formulations. The 3 TDR products daily provide all the nutrients your body needs in 24 hours and your fat reserves are used for energy. Eating anything else along with your TDR sachets will make you uncomfortable and cause you to break the diet. If you are struggling to stick to the diet rules, talk to your pharmacy about refeeding and possibly using the flexible Meal Replacement Plan (MRP) foods.

Fish Allergen?

The sources of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in NewWeigh products are from vegetable sources and soya. No fish is used in any NewWeigh products.

How long can I say on TDR?

TDR is nutrient complete and can be continued until you reach your healthy weight, supervised and reviewed by your trained pharmacy and if required, also by your G.P.

Will I be hungry whilst on TDR?

You will be hungry for the first 3 or 4 days, but once you begin to experience ketosis, you will find that your hunger is manageable and you may become quite detached from food and in control.

What does 'nutrient complete' mean?

Nutrient complete means that the formulation provides the recommended nutritional intake required for healthy dieting.

Can I use artificial sweeteners on TDR?

Tablet sweeteners are permitted e.g. Splenda, Sweetex, Canderel. Any other form of sweetener e.g. powder or liquids are not suitable and will interfere with ketosis.

What if I get a headache on TDR?

You can take your normal tablet painkiller. Sometimes a headache occurs on day 3 or 4 as the body is switching to burning fat. The headache will pass

What drinks are allowed on TDR?

Black leaf teas, black coffee, water (still, carbonated or soda).

How do I switch back to normal eating after TDR?

The TDR Patient Pack has full details of the Refeed Week on pages 14 to 16. It is most important to complete the Refeed Week fully to avoid putting on excess glycogen weight (‘water weight’). Please discuss with your pharmacy.

Do I take my normal prescription medication whilst on TDR?

Yes. It is most important that you continue prescription medication whilst on TDR. If you have hypertension (high blood pressure) or Type 2 diabetes, your pharmacist will discuss your prescription medication with your G.P. before allowing you to start and throughout your weight loss journey.

How much weight will I lose on TDR?

If you complete TDR correctly, women typically lose somewhere between 2 and 4 pounds (0.9-1.8kg) per week. Men have higher energy use than women and typically lose 3 to 5 pounds (1.4 – 2.3 kg) per week.

Why do I need to complete a medical questionnaire for the TDR plan?

TDR is a fast and effective method of dieting. TDR is only food, but as your weight decreases, this will have an effect on certain medical conditions and certain prescribed medications. Your pharmacist may also need to discuss other details of your medical screening with your G.P. so that they can assess your suitability for this method of dieting.

Will my raised blood pressure (hypertension) improve when I lose weight using TDR?

Carrying extra weight and the fluid associated often contributes to high blood pressure ( hypertension) . As you lose weight your blood pressure will fall, particularly after the first stone (6kg) of weight loss. If you are taking anti-hypertensive medication whilst dieting it is important that it is reviewed regularly by your G.P. The pharmacist will ask you to return to your G.P. for a blood pressure check and will not continue supplying your Total Diet Replacement (TDR) formula until you provide confirmation that your G.P. has reviewed your blood pressure medication.

Can I buy NewWeigh TDR online on Amazon or other websites?

No. TDR is supplied through trained pharmacies in Ireland. During the Covid-19 pandemic a method has been put in place to facilitate people who find it difficult to visit their local NewWeigh Pharmacy or where the Pharmacy is restricting access. If you are in this situation, please contact us directly on 043-33-31969 or email us

How much water do I need to drink whilst on TDR and why is it so important?

You should sip 2-4L of water per 24 hours (max 4l). If you drink too quickly, you will find that you are frequently urinating. If this is the case, slow down your drinking, sipping is best. Try to drink 125 -250 ml per hour. Plain still, sparking and soda water is ok on TDR. Tonic water and flavoured water is not allowed.

Will I get constipated whilst on TDR?

If you drink correctly, you should not become constipated. If you tend to suffer from constipation, please pay extra attention to drinking throughout the day and use Fibremore as a fibre ‘top-up’. If you become constipated or if passing stools is not comfortable, please discuss with your pharmacist.

Can I take additional iron when on TDR?

TDR is nutrient complete and you should not take additional iron supplements unless prescribed by your doctor.

Can I add anything to the TDR sachets, like salt and pepper or herbs?

No. The only addition allowed to the shakes is coffee powder (to vanilla and chocolate if desired). Adding additional items to your TDR sachets will make you hungry and uncomfortable and cause you to break the diet.

What happens if I cheat whilst on TDR?

If you eat something, even by accident on TDR, discuss it with your pharmacy. Your weight loss will slow down and you may feel uncomfortable. It will also break your resolve to diet.

Can I drink alcohol on TDR?

No. You must not drink alcohol on TDR.

Is a very strict diet like TDR safe?

Nutrient complete Total Diet Replacement method has been used worldwide by millions of patients safely for over 30 years. The procedures (e.g. medical screening, strict diet rules etc.) and precautions are very deliberate and designed to provide a comfortable and safe diet experience.

How do I stop the TDR phase 1?

When you reach your desired healthy weight or when you decide to stop the diet, you will complete the Refeed Week to transfer back to ordinary eating.

What types of tea are allowed on TDR?

Only plain leaf teas are allowed e.g. earl grey, peppermint, mint, plain green leaf etc. Other teas made from flowers, roots, herbs, fruits or berries are not allowed as they interfere with the TDR diet method.

Can I use a mouthwash on TDR?

Yes but only plain mouthwashes like Listerine Coolmint or Corsodyl. These simple mouthwashes are often the cheapest and will not interfere with ketosis. Try and avoid using whitening or tartar control mouthwashes whilst on TDR .Other mouthwashes may interfere with ketosis and are unsuitable. CB12 has no advantages for NewWeigh TDR patients and is not recommended. The odour which some patients experience is due to acetone on the breath and not bacteria.

Can I use chewing gum, breath sprays or mints on TDR?

No. The only breath freshener product that does not interfere with the TDR method is PaperMints breath strips, which are available at the pharmacy or from our shop. You can, of course, brush your teeth as normal and brush your tongue carefully.

Can I take over the counter medicines and supplements whilst on TDR?

Please check with your pharmacy before taking over the counter medicines. Tablet medicines e.g. Paracetamol, are generally allowed, however effervescent (fizzy) products and liquids will interfere with the diet and make you hungry. Food supplements, unless prescribed by your G.P., are not needed when dieting as the formulations are nutrient complete. Food supplements will also make you hungry as they may break ketosis.

Can I add milk to tea and coffee whilst on TDR?

No. Milk is carbohydrate and will break ketosis and make you hungry.

Can I have diet drinks whilst on TDR?

No. Diet drinks will make you hungry

How do I measure my ketones whilst on TDR?

Your pharmacy can sell you Ketostix to measure your urinary ketones. If you are drinking the correct amount of water, ketostix may only show trace or +. This is a good result as anything more than ++ on the Ketostix scale indicates concentrated urine and possible constipation.

Can vegetarians use NewWeigh TDR?

Vegetarians may use the whole TDR range Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Porridge & Chicken and Leek soup.

Can I use nicotine replacement products on TDR?

Yes. Smoking is the biggest risk to health and quitting smoking is even more important than losing weight. There are many aids to stop smoking including sprays, gums, inhalators, lozenges, patches and vaping. Some sprays, gums and lozenges contain citrate and this may make you a little hungry on TDR by interfering with the mild ketosis of the diet. If you are already using these products successfully, do not risk stopping them in case you start smoking again. Talk to your pharmacist or email about alternatives but do not risk starting smoking again

Can coeliacs use TDR?

Yes, all products except the porridge are suitable for Coeliacs. The porridge may contain gluten.

What if I feel tired whilst on TDR?

Tiredness is a sign of dehydration. Please check the amount of water you are consuming and increase your water intake to the range 125-150ml per hour (max 4l in 24 hours).

How much exercise can I do whilst on TDR?

You will notice that for the first 2 weeks or so on TDR, your exercise performance may be reduced. After around 2 weeks you will notice performance improving and you will also benefit from carrying less fluid and weight. It is important to drink water (hydrate) before, during and after exercise.

Can I breastfeed whilst on TDR?

No. TDR calorie restriction will reduce your lactation and so your child would need to be weaned before commencing TDR.

I feel cold especially my finger tips and nose, why?

You may feel cold, this is due to mild ketosis. Dress more warmly and consider adding hot water to your sachet. (Do not shake hot liquids in the shaker).

What if I am lactose intolerant?

TDR formulations are based on nutrient enriched skimmed milk and so are not suitable if lactose intolerant.

Temporary hair thinning

Very rarely, dieting, pregnancy, illness or shock can cause temporary hair thinning (telogen effluvium). It is only noticeable as the hair is re-growing and may occur around 3 months after the event as the new hairs push the old hair out. Supplements are not required and do not help treat the condition. If you are concerned about this possibility, particularly if it has happened to your before e.g. during pregnancy or illness, discuss this with your NewWeigh Pharmacy.

Can I use diet drugs (tablets/injections/supplements) whilst I am using TDR?

No. TDR is maximum rate, nutrient complete weight loss. There is no benefit to using diet drugs or additional supplements as they will not increase the rate of weight loss and may interfere with ketogenic TDR dieting.

How long do I have to consume the TDR products after making them up?

The formulations are nutrient complete and must be consumed within 15 minutes.