Frequently Asked Questions

Total Diet Replacement (TDR) and
Meal Replacement Plan (MRP)

Are there age limits for use of TDR?

We do not allow anyone under 18 years of age or over 70 years of age to use TDR.

Do males and females take three sachets per day

Both males and females take three sachets per day as TDR products are unisex and nutrient complete for both males and females.

How much weight will I lose on TDR?

If you complete TDR correctly, women typically lose somewhere between 2 and 4 pounds (0.9-1.8kg) per week. Men have higher energy use than women and typically lose 3 to 5 pounds (1.4 – 2.3 kg) per week.

Can I eat anything else while on TDR?

Total Diet Replacement (TDR) means replacing all your food intake with nutrient complete formulations. The 3 TDR products daily provide all the nutrients your body needs in 24 hours and your fat reserves are used for energy. Eating anything else along with your TDR sachets will make you uncomfortable and cause you to break the diet. If you are struggling to stick to the diet rules, talk to your pharmacy about refeeding and possibly using the flexible Meal Replacement Plan foods.

What does ketosis mean on TDR?

Ketosis is a normal metabolic process which occurs when calories and carbohydrate are restricted. The body burns fat to produce ketones for fuel. Ketones have the added benefit of reducing hunger.

Fish Allergen

The sources of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in NewWeigh products are from vegetable sources and soya.   No fish is used in any NewWeigh products.

Which drinks are allowed on TDR?

Black leaf teas, black coffee, water (still, carbonated or soda).

Can I use artificial sweeteners on TDR?

Tablet sweeteners are permitted e.g. Splenda, Sweetex, Canderel. Any other form of sweetener e.g. powder or liquids are not suitable and will interfere with ketosis.

 What does ‘nutrient complete ‘mean?

Nutrient complete means that the formulation provides the recommended nutritional intake required for healthy dieting.

Will I be hungry whilst on TDR?

You will be hungry for the first 3 or 4 days, but once you begin to experience ketosis, you will find that your hunger is manageable and you may become quite detached from food and in control.

How long can I stay on TDR?

TDR is nutrient complete and can be continued until you reach your healthy weight, supervised and reviewed by your trained pharmacy and if required, also by your G.P.

What if I get a headache on TDR?

You can take your normal tablet painkiller. Sometimes a headache occurs on day 3 or 4 as the body is switching to burning fat. The headache will pass.

How do I switch back to normal eating after TDR?

The TDR Patient Pack has full details of the Refeed Week on pages 14 to 16. It is most important to complete the Refeed Week fully to avoid putting on excess glycogen weight (‘water weight’).  Please discuss with your pharmacy.

Will I put the weight back on after TDR?

Dieting in many ways is the easy part. Maintaining your new lower weight requires your commitment and a determination. As you are now a lower weight, you will need to eat less than you did before or the weight will return. Your pharmacy will provide free confidential weigh-ins and the NewWeigh Meal Replacement Plan book has lots of good advice on weight maintenance and healthy eating. Just ask for a copy in the pharmacy

Do I take my normal prescription medication whilst on TDR?

Yes. It is most important that you continue prescription medication whilst on TDR. If you have hypertension (high blood pressure) or Type 2 diabetes, your pharmacist will discuss your prescription medication with your G.P. before allowing you to start and throughout your weight loss journey.

Why do I need to complete a medical questionnaire for the TDR Plan?

TDR is a fast and effective method of dieting. TDR is only food, but as your weight decreases, this will have an effect on certain medical conditions and certain prescribed medications. Your pharmacist may also need to discuss other details of your medical screening with your G.P. so that they can assess your suitability for this method of dieting.

Can I buy NewWeigh TDR online?

No. It would not be safe to buy TDR online.

How much water do I need to drink whilst on TDR and why is it so important?

You should sip 2-4L of water per 24 hours (max 4l). If you drink too quickly, you will find that you are frequently urinating. If this is the case, slow down your drinking, sipping is best. Try to drink 125 -250 ml per hour.

Will I get constipated whilst on TDR?

If you drink correctly you should not become constipated. If you tend to suffer from constipation, please pay extra attention to drinking throughout the day and use Fibremore as a fibre ‘top-up’. If you become constipated or if passing stools is not comfortable, please discuss with your pharmacist.

Can I add anything to the TDR sachets, like salt and pepper or herbs?

No. The only addition allowed to the shakes is coffee powder (to vanilla and chocolate if desired). Adding additional items to your TDR will make you hungry and uncomfortable and cause you to break the diet.

What happens if I cheat whilst on TDR?

If you eat something, even by accident on TDR, discuss it with your pharmacy. Your weight loss will slow down and you may feel uncomfortable. It will also break your resolve to diet.

Can I drink alcohol whilst I am on TDR?

No. You must not drink alcohol on TDR.

Is a very strict diet like TDR safe?

Nutrient complete Total Diet Replacement method has been used worldwide by millions of patients safely for over 30 years. The procedures (e.g. medical screening, strict diet rules etc.) and precautions are very deliberate and designed to provide a comfortable and safe diet experience.

How do I stop the TDR phase 1?

When you reach your desired healthy weight or when you decide to stop the diet you will complete the Refeed Week to transfer back to ordinary eating.

What types of tea are allowed on TDR?

Only plain leaf teas are allowed e.g. earl grey, peppermint, mint, plain green leaf etc. Other teas made from flowers, roots, herbs, fruits or berries are not allowed as they interfere with the TDR diet method.

Can I use a mouthwash on TDR?

Yes but only plain mouthwashes like Listerine Original or Oraldene, which will not interfere with ketosis, and are permitted on the diet. Other mouthwashes may interfere with ketosis and are unsuitable.

Can I use chewing gum, breath sprays or mints on TDR?

No. The only breath freshener product that does not interfere with the TDR method is NuPhar breath strips, which are available at the pharmacy. You can, of course, brush your teeth as normal and brush your tongue carefully.

Can I take over the counter medicines and supplements whilst on TDR?

Please check with your pharmacy before taking over the counter medicines. Tablet medicines e.g. Paracetamol, are generally allowed, however effervescent (fizzy) products and liquids will interfere with the diet and make you hungry. Food supplements, unless prescribed by your G.P., are not needed when dieting as the formulations are nutrient complete. Food supplements will also make you hungry as they may break ketosis.

Can I add milk to tea and coffee whilst on TDR?

No. Milk is carbohydrate and will break ketosis and make you hungry.

Can I have diet drinks whilst on TDR?

No. Diet drinks will make you hungry

How do I measure my ketones whilst on TDR?

Your pharmacy can sell you Ketostix to measure your urinary ketones. If you are drinking the correct amount of water, ketostix may only show trace or +. This is a good result as anything more than ++ on the Ketostix scale indicates concentrated urine and possible constipation.

Can vegetarians use NewWeigh TDR?

Vegetarians may use the Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Porridge TDR products. The Chicken and Leek soup is not vegetarian.

Can vegans use TDR?


Can coeliacs use TDR?

Yes, all products except the porridge are suitable for Coeliacs.   The porridge may contain gluten.

How long do I have to consume the TDR products after making them up?

The formulations are nutrient complete and must be consumed within 15 minutes.

What if I feel tired whilst on TDR?

Tiredness is a sign of dehydration. Please check the amount of water you are consuming and increase your water intake to the range 125-150ml per hour (max 4l in 24 hours)

How much exercise can I do whilst on TDR?

You will notice that for the first 2 weeks or so on TDR, your exercise performance may be reduced. After around 2 weeks you will notice performance improving and you will also benefit from carrying less fluid and weight. It is important to drink water (hydrate) before, during and after exercise.

Can I breastfeed whilst on TDR?

No. TDR calorie restriction will reduce your lactation and so your child would need to be weaned before commencing TDR.

I feel cold especially my finger tips and nose, why?

You may feel cold, this is due to mild ketosis. Dress more warmly and consider adding hot water to your sachet. (Do not shake hot liquids in the shaker).

What if I am lactose intolerant?

TDR formulations are based on nutrient enriched skimmed milk and so are not suitable if lactose intolerant.

Temporary hair thinning

Very rarely, dieting, pregnancy, illness or shock can cause temporary hair thinning (telogen effluvium). It is only noticeable as the hair is re-growing. If you are concerned about this possibility, particularly if it has happened to your before e.g. during pregnancy or illness, discuss this with your pharmacy.

Meal Real Replacement Plan (MRP)  FAQ’s

Are there age limits for use of MRP foods?

NewWeigh Meal Replacements and Lipotrim Maintenance foods are nutrient enriched foods which can be used in adolescence. However we would always advise that dieting under the age of 18 should be carried out in conjunction with the G.P. The G.P. may also recommend the involvement of a dietitian.

Can I get free samples of MRPs?

Your pharmacist may provide free samples under certain circumstances.

Can I breastfeed whilst on MRP?

Calorie restriction may reduce lactation and so your child would need to be weaned before commencing any diet method.

Will my pharmacy weigh me regularly, even if I am not buying any products?

Yes. Your pharmacy will actively encourage you to return for regular free weigh-ins. Supervision and advice from   the pharmacy is the ideal way to help manage your new lower weight.

Do I need to complete a medical questionnaire before using MRPs?

No. If you have a medical condition or you are taking prescription medication it always wise to consult with your pharmacist or G.P. before commencing any diet.

I am replacing 2 meals daily with MRPs, but what else do I eat?

The NewWeigh Meal Replacement Plan Booklet contains food tables with the healthy foods marked in green. These healthy foods should make up a substantial part of your diet.

Will I get all my nutrition whilst I am dieting?

Each MRP food is high in fibre, protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. They are an ideal way to lose or manage weight whilst ensuring you get good nutrition.

Can I drink alcohol on the MRP Plan?

Alcohol is high in calories and will make you hungry, often leading to grazing and loss of appetite control. It is better to avoid alcohol if you are dieting.

Can I use MRPs to get back into good eating habits after a holiday?

Yes. MRP foods are an ideal way to get back in control. Try using the Refeed week to kick start your good eating habits.

Can coeliacs use MRP?

All products except the Bakewell Bar  are suitable for Coeliacs.   The Bakewell Bar may contain gluten.

Can I use artificial sweeteners on MRP plan?

Yes. Artificial (low calorie/no calorie) sweeteners may be used as a useful alternative to high calorie sweeteners.

Are there any healthy snacks suitable with NewWeigh Meal Replacement Plan foods?

The aim is to eat only three times a day as every food intake causes an insulin response.  Regular snacking can cause cravings and make your appetite and weight harder to control.    Most people who successfully manage their weight long term do not snack.   The recent fashion of eating small amounts frequently is disastrous for weight control.

If you are hungry or feel like a snack, try having a cup of tea/coffee or drinking some water.   Sometimes this makes the hunger go away.   Remember your goal is to control your weight.

Keeping a food diary is also a good way to control snacking.    Record the type and amount of food in the diary BEFORE eating it.   The very act of recording before eating can lead to you making the portion smaller or maybe deciding not to eat it at all!

If you wish to have a snack occasionally, try low glycaemic index (GI) foods in small portions.   Examples :

  • NewWeigh MRP Bakewell Bar or Shake
  • Low calorie soups
  • Sweet potatoes with skin
  • Figs and prunes
  • Vegetables
  • Beans
  • Minimally processed grains
  • Low-fat dairy foods e.g. low fat yoghurt, low fat cheese
  • Whole wheat pitta with tomatoes
  • Boiled egg
  • Small piece of meat, chicken or fish
  • Salad (no dressing)
  • Wholegrain crackers
  • Fruit*

*Most fruits are suitable if they are not the highly sweetened types e.g. banana, pear, granny smith type apples (leave skin on fruits where possible).   Remember that quantity is still important, even though it is still fruit e.g. there can be a big difference in the size of bananas, so just have one small banana.

Sugary fruits (grapes/sweet oranges/sweet apples) should be avoided, as they can cause hunger.